Friday, 11 May 2012


Yes guys and the girls, today we throw some light on a topic that keeps a guy's mind busy for most of the day's time - WOMAN, THE FEMALE HUMAN. Through this series of blogposts, we make an attempt (which will 100% fail at the end) to understand the most attention grabbing and attention wanting creature of the world. Yes the woman who has always been the reason of male curiosity despite of her constantly being with man for all these years. Woman who has been inspiration for man for all these years and i think the reason for most of the arts done by man too.

First of all, I wish to declare this wildly and boldly - "i love woman" and i think most men do love woman. So i am not new to this and it seems a very obvious topic to talk. I always wanted to write on woman and now i have got my blog full of chance. Any of my word is not meant to criticize any girl to file a lawsuit against me (LOL!).

Woman in all of her form is beautiful, charming and lovable. As mother, she is hand of god on a boy's shoulder. As sister, she is best adviser and supervisor (they do have natural habit of supervising their brothers). As lover, she is a man's dream. As daughter, They are the heart of a father.For a mother's lap to lover's arms, a woman offers a lot to men and men owe a lot to them.

Woman characterstics vary from woman to woman but some of the characters of woman can be generalized and i really love those things. They are always a mystery and this keeps a man interested (applicable to good men). They are innocent looking smart creatures. Women have the nurturing effects and natural caring attitude (most woman have these characteristics). A woman may look unaware of her surroundings but they are not.Most of all they are beauties, eyes grabbing beauties.

And for these beauties, I endow an entire blogs. All posts will be related to woman in this blog.

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