Thursday, 21 June 2012

Women and society

One thing that i like about position of woman in modern society is that it has been earned by them which on other hand was hierarchical for man. It will be better to say re-earned.

One friend of mine once said to me "Woman in past ages were not considered equal." That is a heart breaking MYTH. Our ancestors were not idiots. Actually our great great ancestors. Those who were in the ages of Vedas and Purana. Woman in our scriptures have been told to have great abilities and effigies of sacrifice. She was considered respectable and was considered the pillars of society. I can tell you the examples. We worship Maa Durga, Sita and Radha.But her characteristic to sacrifice things for her loved ones was by time assumed by some man as their weakness. And this way men started to disrespect woman. Some social evils like sati pratha and dowry also contributed to degradation of society. SO in a way woman never lost her respectable position but society at some point lost its manner.

But then by time some men like Raja Ram Mohan Rai and Mahatma Gandhi Re-realized the importance of woman again.And they started to work for upliftment of woman and  provided the society with medicine to overcome its illness. But some people are not really ready to have the medicine but we do not need to give them importance in my blog. So this way society started to learn their importance again. Today we have laws for security of woman equality.

But what becomes the reason of some man unability to accept a woman role in society. These man consider woman as their property. According to them, woman cannot have their own will and cannot do anything they want to do without man's permission. This thought not only effect the uneducated but also the modern society people. This thinking can be realized in these men' day to day life. They express their thinking one way or other, intentionally or unintentionally. It is simply hard for them to accept that women have their own life too.

But fortunately there have been steps taken by NGOs that is changing this thinking. This modern society is fighting  to survive this disease and i hope it will succeed one day.....