Thursday, 21 June 2012

Women and society

One thing that i like about position of woman in modern society is that it has been earned by them which on other hand was hierarchical for man. It will be better to say re-earned.

One friend of mine once said to me "Woman in past ages were not considered equal." That is a heart breaking MYTH. Our ancestors were not idiots. Actually our great great ancestors. Those who were in the ages of Vedas and Purana. Woman in our scriptures have been told to have great abilities and effigies of sacrifice. She was considered respectable and was considered the pillars of society. I can tell you the examples. We worship Maa Durga, Sita and Radha.But her characteristic to sacrifice things for her loved ones was by time assumed by some man as their weakness. And this way men started to disrespect woman. Some social evils like sati pratha and dowry also contributed to degradation of society. SO in a way woman never lost her respectable position but society at some point lost its manner.

But then by time some men like Raja Ram Mohan Rai and Mahatma Gandhi Re-realized the importance of woman again.And they started to work for upliftment of woman and  provided the society with medicine to overcome its illness. But some people are not really ready to have the medicine but we do not need to give them importance in my blog. So this way society started to learn their importance again. Today we have laws for security of woman equality.

But what becomes the reason of some man unability to accept a woman role in society. These man consider woman as their property. According to them, woman cannot have their own will and cannot do anything they want to do without man's permission. This thought not only effect the uneducated but also the modern society people. This thinking can be realized in these men' day to day life. They express their thinking one way or other, intentionally or unintentionally. It is simply hard for them to accept that women have their own life too.

But fortunately there have been steps taken by NGOs that is changing this thinking. This modern society is fighting  to survive this disease and i hope it will succeed one day.....

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Second Sunday of May, a nice day to celebrate a beautiful festival that we call "mothers' day" or "mothers day" depending on how you wish to spell it. The festival's main motive is to tell your mother how important she is for you and believe me on this "It really matters to express yourself when you got an opportunity to do this." The boon of having a holiday for celebrating such a day is valuable and i think it should be utilized.

So how really are you planning to do this????? You have got many ways but for those who look some economical methods- This post is for you. Though mother's love is of inestimable worth still mother will be contented with what ever you do for her. So here in this post, I offer you some very easy ways of pleasing your mummy this Mother's Day and they won't even burn your pockets much.

I assume that you are a school going kid or one who is in college and is dependent on your parents for pocket money.


Yeah i know that you knew it already and it is nothing new but still it got to be in the list because it is one thing that richest to poorest can afford and is always good for a celebration. But do you really know what gift you should you should offer to your mother?? Confused?? Well you can ask your mother what she would like to have on this Mother's Day. Yes you can do that. It is perfectly okay until it is going to be a surprise gift. If it is a  surprise gift then  you can ask it to your sister or father. Sisters are very good advisers.


Well flowers are best things to offer on any occasion. Tulips, roses or others but remember to accompany it with chocolates or some other sweets. It work great with flowers for all women.


This is the most Delicious option that you can have. Arrange a cake of flavor  your mother like. And then let there be candles and balloons and let your mother celebrate second birthday of the year. She would simply love it. You can also invite your family friends or relatives. She would simply love the company and attention she will get and this is what you really want to do for telling her how precious she is in your life.


Again a very common method i know but most important too. Words tell the best about how much you care and greeting cards are best for doing that. Go to greeting shops and pick up one which you think explains you best and then add some more words of your own.

Remember method is not that important as the reason is. If you cannot even afford the above methods even then simply put a kiss on cheek of your mother and then greet her and she will be very happy and it will work too.

Friday, 11 May 2012


Yes guys and the girls, today we throw some light on a topic that keeps a guy's mind busy for most of the day's time - WOMAN, THE FEMALE HUMAN. Through this series of blogposts, we make an attempt (which will 100% fail at the end) to understand the most attention grabbing and attention wanting creature of the world. Yes the woman who has always been the reason of male curiosity despite of her constantly being with man for all these years. Woman who has been inspiration for man for all these years and i think the reason for most of the arts done by man too.

First of all, I wish to declare this wildly and boldly - "i love woman" and i think most men do love woman. So i am not new to this and it seems a very obvious topic to talk. I always wanted to write on woman and now i have got my blog full of chance. Any of my word is not meant to criticize any girl to file a lawsuit against me (LOL!).

Woman in all of her form is beautiful, charming and lovable. As mother, she is hand of god on a boy's shoulder. As sister, she is best adviser and supervisor (they do have natural habit of supervising their brothers). As lover, she is a man's dream. As daughter, They are the heart of a father.For a mother's lap to lover's arms, a woman offers a lot to men and men owe a lot to them.

Woman characterstics vary from woman to woman but some of the characters of woman can be generalized and i really love those things. They are always a mystery and this keeps a man interested (applicable to good men). They are innocent looking smart creatures. Women have the nurturing effects and natural caring attitude (most woman have these characteristics). A woman may look unaware of her surroundings but they are not.Most of all they are beauties, eyes grabbing beauties.

And for these beauties, I endow an entire blogs. All posts will be related to woman in this blog.